Alexander Knight & Co: The first accountants in the UK to attain the prestigious ESGmark®

We are delighted to have become the first accountancy firm in the UK to attain the prestigious ESGmark® which independently demonstrates our commitment to ESG principles. 

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It considers the sustainability and ethical impact of a company in relation to its employees, customers and community.

Alexander Knight & Co has undertaken a rigorous process to evidence its working practices and outlined a sustainable plan for the future. As a result, we have become the first accountancy practice in the UK to be accredited with the ESGmark®

Murray Patt, founder of Alexander Knight & Co, said:

“Doing business in 2022 is about more than making a profit. Increasingly, our client base of entrepreneurs want their business to make a positive impact on the environment and society. Investors too, now use ESG criteria to make decisions about which companies to back.

“We’re proud of this accreditation, we feel passionately about it and we are delighted to be part of the ESGmark community. Now, as responsible business advisors we also have a duty to guide our clients on making the right decisions today and in the future.

“That’s why we’re talking to our clients about ESG and outlining the huge benefits a proactive approach can bring.

Consumers and clients are demanding change. We believe that company directors  who make a conscious effort to implement best practice in terms of ESG will be winners. It is no coincidence that there is a strong correlation between ESG performance and financial performance.”

Julia Fawsley Grant, Head of Content and Communication at ESGmark, said:

“We were so impressed with Alexander Knight & Co’s clear commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance principles and we are delighted to welcome them to our community as the first accountants in the UK to attain the ESGmark.

“At ESGmark we believe that the reporting and transparency that form part of everyday business for accountants, will be key to implementing more stringent impact- and ESG-reporting for companies across all sectors in the long run. It’s wonderful to be part of Alexander Knight & Co’s journey as they lead the way.

“Business owners who start their own ESG journey will see positive benefits for their  business,  people and their local community for the long term. By committing to their own ESG principles business owners can all make a difference.”

Alexander Knight & Co was founded by experienced accountant Murray Patt in 2012 and provides accountancy services to businesses from across the region and beyond. The firm is currently on a growth curve and is recruiting for roles at its office in Hale.The firm is also a member of MGI Worldwide, a global accounting network.