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Payroll has become more complicated for business owners as a results of RTI (real time initiative) and auto-enrolment.

Managing payroll takes up significant chunks of management time that our entrepreneurial clients believe they can spend more productively developing their businesses.

Payroll is also technically challenging. Regulations are complex and non-compliance can result in hefty penalties – especially following the introduction of ‘Real Time Information’.

It is also important to keep in mind that the costs of running in-house payroll are considerably higher than the cost of outsourcing to our payroll bureau. Fresh software for online filing and pension auto enrolment – not to mention staff training – all come with a cost attached.

The Alexander Knight & Co Payroll Bureau assists businesses of all sizes and types and our friendly, experienced professionals will help you to make appreciable savings – even if you only have a small number of employees.

Additionally, you get compete peace of mind regarding filing payroll submissions, staff absences as a result of holidays or sickness, and complying with new legislation.

For your guaranteed peace of mind, our payroll professionals will:

  • Establish and manage your payroll function
  • Ensure compliance with new regulations on ‘auto-enrolment’ pensions/association rules
  • Produce analyses of tax and national insurance for all relevant pay periods
  • Deliver computer-generated payslips
  • Input timesheets, bonus, and overtime payments
  • Provide payment information for HMRC
  • Process P45 forms
  • Carry out SSP, SMP, tax credits and student loan calculations

We also look after the completion of year end forms P35, P14/P60, along with completion of benefit in kind forms P11D.

Our Payroll Bureau is designed to provide the seamless support you would expect from an inhouse function – at a substantially lower cost. We handle queries, give advice and operate on a highly flexible basis, tailored to your business needs.

If you would like further information about our payroll service for SMEs, please call Murray Patt on 0161 980 8788 contact us below:

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