Our ESG policy

Alexander Knight & Co is proud to publish our ESG Policy. We are committed to working with our staff and partners to implement best practice and to work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We work within our direct organisation and with our suppliers and partners to go beyond these requirements where possible and make all of our products, operations and workplaces the very best for our workers and the environment.


Environmental Conduct


1.A. The Environment

Alexander Knight & Co is committed to promoting a prosperous and healthy environment

for people, animals and planet. All employees, suppliers and/or partners are required to

treat the environment with respect and adopt a credible, proactive approach to preventing

negative impacts on the environment. We are committed to minimizing natural resource

depletion through optimizing our processes and proactively tracking, assessing and reducing

our negative impact on the environment. All suppliers/partners are required to be honest

and transparent about the environmental impact of their activities.

Alexander Knight & Co is committed to working with suppliers/partners to identify and

prioritise areas of action and improvement.


1.B. Carbon Footprint

Alexander Knight & Co commits to continuously monitor its energy usage, water usage,

dependence on non-renewable resources, disposal of waste and carbon footprint. We

commit to taking progressive action to reduce our waste, water, plastic (specifically single

use) and non-renewable energy use by 2030.


1.C. Equipment and Materials

Alexander Knight & Co commits to recycling all applicable materials such as paper, plastic,

glass and metals and to promote repair and reuse of all its direct products/equipment

where possible.


1.D. Animal Testing

There will be no testing on animals with Alexander Knight & Co’s direct business, or that of

its suppliers/partners.


1.E. Travel

Alexander Knight & Co encourages its staff to travel to work via the most sustainable means

[car sharing, public transport, cycling walking] and will only travel for additional work commitments when we believe it is absolutely necessary.

Social Conduct


2.A. Equal Opportunity

We are an equal employment opportunity employer. Employment opportunities are

available regardless of race, colour, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability or other

legally protected status. This principle applies to all aspects of the employment relationship,

including recruiting, hiring, training, work assignment, promotion, transfer, termination, and

wage and salary administration.


2.B. Employment is freely chosen

Alexander Knight & Co and its partners/suppliers will ensure there shall be no forced,

compulsory or involuntary labour including bonded, slave and prison labour in accordance

with The Modern Slavery Act and other applicable human rights legislation. Workers must

not be required to lodge deposits or identity papers on commencement of employment.

Workers must be free to leave their employer after reasonable notice. Suppliers are

required to monitor any third-party entity which assists them in recruiting or hiring

employees, to ensure employees are not compelled to work through coercion, force,

deception or punishment.


2.C. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

Alexander Knight & Co and its suppliers/partners commit to respect the right of all workers

throughout its supply chain to form and join trade unions or worker organisations of their

choice. Their right to bargain collectively shall be recognised without harassment,

interference or retaliation. Grievance mechanisms must be implemented to address and

resolve employee complaints and/or disputes and ensure respectful transparent

communication between all representatives involved.


2.D. Child Labour

No person under the age of 15 or under the age for mandatory completion of higher

education [whichever is higher] will be employed by the company directly or any of its

partners/suppliers. Juvenile workers [aged 15 – 17] shall not perform work which, by its

nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out, is likely to compromise their health,

safety or morals.


2.E. Wages

Alexander Knight & Co suppliers and partners commit that its wages for a standard working

week must meet, as a minimum, national legal requirements/national living wages or

industry benchmark standards, whichever is higher. They must always be sufficient to meet

the basic needs of workers and their families and provide some discretionary income.

Deductions from wages for disciplinary measures must not be permitted. Deduction of

wages for not meeting targets is also not permitted. Employers shall respect equal pay

between men and women for work of equal value. All workers must be provided with

written and understandable information about the conditions of their wages before they

enter employment.


2.F. Hours of Work


Alexander Knight & Co commits to ensuring all its direct workers and those of its suppliers

will not work excessive hours. Hours of work must comply with applicable laws and industry

standards. Workers must not, on a regular basis, be required to work in excess of 48 hours

per week and must be provided with at least one day off for every 7 day period.


Any overtime given must be voluntary. The maximum sum of contracted and overtime

hours in a week must not exceed 60 hours, or the maximum allowed by law in the country

of operation, whichever is less. Accurate attendance, payroll and production records shall

be maintained.


2.G. Harassment & Abuse

Every employee should be treated with respect, dignity and fairness. Any form of physical,

sexual, verbal or psychological abuse is strictly prohibited alongside monetary fines, abuse

or embarrassing acts as a disciplinary measure.


2.H. Health and Safety

The company and its partners are committed to an injury-free and illness-free workplace. A

safe, clean and hygienic environment shall be provided, and best occupational health and

safety practices will be implemented, taking in to account the specific hazards of the

industry and relevant safety laws. All premises should have an appointed Health and Safety

Representative. Workers should also receive regular, recorded health and safety training

and appropriate PPE will be provided where necessary.


2.I. Employment Relationship

All workers must be provided with an official contract of employment in their first language.

Regular employment must not be avoided or replaced with labour-only contracting

arrangements or apprenticeship schemes where there is no real intent to impart skills or

provide regular employment. Workers must be given the opportunity to participate in

education and training programmes upon request.


Governance Conduct


3.A. Legal Compliance

All employees, suppliers and/or partners are required to protect the company’s legality and

therefore commit to comply with the legal system of the country in which they are based

and/or operate.


3.B. Corruption & Bribery

Alexander Knight & Co is committed to acting with integrity and honesty in all its

operations. Alexander Knight & Co does not permit any form of corruption, extortion or

bribery including any payment or other form of benefit given to secure undue advantage or

influence decision making. Business is obtained solely based on the merits of Alexander Knight & Co’s services.



3.C. Money Laundering


Alexander Knight & Co plays its part in keeping our societies safe. As gatekeepers to the financial system, we are the first line of defence to prevent illicit funds finding their way into the economy.


Our professional staff receive regular training on money laundering and bound by the rules of our governing body, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.



3.D. Conflict of Interests


All Alexander Knight & Co employees and those of our partners/suppliers are expected to

avoid any personal, financial or other interests which may hinder their ability or willingness

to fulfil their job duties and make fair decisions.


3.E. Company Property


All Alexander Knight & Co employees, and those of partners/suppliers commit to treating

the company’s property with care and respect. This includes but is not limited to company

equipment, intellectual property such as copyright and trademarks, company facilities and

company materials.


3.F. Data Protection and GDPR Compliance


Alexander Knight & Co is committed to ensuring protection of all personal

information that we hold, and to provide and to protect all such data. We recognise our

obligations in updating and expanding this program to meet the requirements of GDPR.


Alexander Knight & Co is dedicated to safeguarding the personal information under

our control and in maintaining a system that meets our obligations under the new



3.G. Subcontracting

Subcontracting is strictly prohibited unless prior and written approval is provided by Alexander Knight & Co. Should contracting be approved, suppliers/partners must ensure all

subcontractors and sub-suppliers meet Alexander Knight & Co’s code of conduct and any

applicable laws.


3.H. Community

Alexander Knight & Co aims to establish long-term relationships with staff, suppliers and/or

partners who uphold the same values and practices as us. We encourage all our colleagues

and affiliates to go beyond this Code of Conduct and promote the highest environmental,

social and governance standards. We welcome any feedback on this code of conduct. We

also encourage all staff, suppliers, and partners, here possible, to participate in

philanthropic and community initiatives that help promote the UN Sustainable Development



3.I. Political, Social and Charitable Activity and Donations

Alexander Knight & Co as a company does not participate in or support political activity.

Alexander Knight & Co may, with approval of relevant corporate bodies, donate moderate

amounts of money or goods to support education, science, arts, culture or social welfare.


3.J. Compliance with the code


It is the personal responsibility of every employee, supplier, and partner to understand and

comply with this code of conduct alongside all applicable laws in the country of operation

and any collective bargaining agreements. Any doubts towards interpretation or

understanding, as well as suggestions should be duly highlighted to your senior colleague or

regular point of contact. If employees, suppliers and/or partners fail to comply with this

code of conduct, applicable laws and/or any relevant collective bargaining agreements,

disciplinary action may be taken including but not limited to reprimanding, trial of conduct,

dismissal and/or termination of business.


If any employee supplier, or partner has a concern about this code, or believe

their rights are being violated Alexander Knight & Co would like to be made

aware of it. Please contact us using the email below. Please feel free to write

in your local language. All information will be confidential, and your identity

will be protected.


Alexander Knight & Co

Key contact for ESG: alison@alexanderknightaccountants