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Completing and submitting your self-assessment tax return can be a time-consuming, complex and frustrating process.

Around one million people are fined annually for failing to submit their returns to HMRC. To make matters worse, mistakes by HMRC are worryingly common – one in four tax returns are calculated incorrectly.

On top of this, tax legislation is in a continual state of flux, which means self-assessment returns are becoming even more difficult for lay people to understand.

As well as being penalised for not completing their returns on time, some individuals unwittingly over-pay their tax as a result of not filling in the returns accurately.

Our team of friendly and technically accomplished tax advisers can prepare your self-assessment tax return, saving you time, money, and stress.

We give you complete peace of mind by taking care of every aspect of your accounts, financial computations and returns, while providing advice on how to reduce your tax bill.

We can also represent you in any direct dealings with HMRC and have the resources to manage any tax investigation work on your behalf.

Our aim is to make the self-assessment process as hassle-free as possible. In addition to calculating your liability and filing your tax return, we tell you when various payments are due and how much you should pay, as well as advising you on keeping records.

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