At Alexander Knight & Co we believe our audit work is much more than an onerous overhead.

Of course we tick all the regulatory boxes and ensure all statutory compliance requirements are met.

Just as importantly, though, we regard your audit as a powerful springboard that can help drive your business forward.

We recognise that you need a hassle-free, efficient and cost-effective service – and this is the guiding principle of all our audit activity.

We work closely with our clients to build fruitful personal relationships that enable us to fully understand their businesses. This means we can help them meet their challenges and make the most of their opportunities.

Our audit enables us to spot potential risks, find ways of boosting performance, and suggest ideas for growth.

Nor do we regard an audit as a single annual visit. For us, the face-to-face contact and information we collect is an integral part of an ongoing flow of knowledge. We use this to keep you well-informed and confident that your plans for the future are grounded in a solid financial foundation.

When we have completed our work, we provide a comprehensive, accessible summary of the audit findings and arrange a meeting for you to discuss in detail these and any other issues.

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