Do you run a family business?

We’re proud of our relationships with some of the region’s most successful family-owned businesses.

We understand that passion, loyalty and long-term commitments are the foundations of every single successful family-owned business.

Our comprehensive accountancy services will help your family business succeed, grow and prosper. You can count on us to be your strategic and confidential adviser when it comes your family’s business and personal assets.

We’ll continually identify areas for you and your family to preserve resources, reduce the tax burden and streamline your accounting procedures.

When you work with Alexander Knight & Co, we’ll take the time to learn all we can about the daily operations of your business and build a lasting relationship. The insights we gain will enable us to develop a full suite of relevant accounting services based on your business objectives and personal family preferences.

When the time comes for your family to introduce fresh faces to the management team, perhaps those from outside the family or investment from third parties, we’ll ensure that your best interests are served.

For more details about our family business accountancy services please contact Murray Patt now.

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