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If you run a business then you’ll know how hard it is to capture the attention of your target audience. Getting people to become aware of your product or service is only the start of the battle. Once you’ve got their attention and they are aware that you exist – how do you actually get them to buy?

It’s often said that we are bombarded by at least 5,000 brand messages every single day.

Consciously or unconsciously you are experiencing the results of somebody’s PR and marketing efforts. In this competitive environment you need to work out what ‘message’ you want to send to the market by defining your own brand identity first and then working out which channels to use to market your services effectively.

Brand footprint

Defining a brand in a crowded sector can be daunting task. The very best brands in any marketplace don’t just look good aesthetically – they back it up with great products and brilliant service.

Remember, a brand isn’t just a logo. It’s a promise, it’s your reputation and it’s your personality as a business. It’s these things combined and rolled out across your website, social media, PR and other marketing collateral that defines who you are to you target market.

Defining who you are as a brand is crucial. Most businesses evolve naturally and business personas develop over time It’s important that you define, not just what your brand identity is now  – but where you are going in the future. This is particularly important if you’ve recent acquired a company or merged with another company. Having a cohesive brand identity is essential.

What is your brand promise? 

Are you faster? Are you cheaper? Are you better? Are you more friendly? Are you luxury? Whatever it is that makes you different needs to be clearly understood internally by you and your entire team before you begin the process of externally marketing it.

We defined our own identity at Alexander Knight & Co as the ‘accountants for entrepreneurs’. It has been highly successful in encouraging business owners to contact us, largely because we talk the same ‘language’ and as business owners ourselves we understand the challenges. Our brand is therefore very important to us – and it plays a huge role in not only attracting new clients but also new staff, suppliers and new business opportunities.

In fact, our own brand development has encouraged many new clients to come on board who are in the business of brand-building, marketing and digital services – so we must be doing something right. Our PR company has been very helpful in this process.

Finally, by reading this article, you are experiencing our own PR and marketing efforts to make you aware of our own accountancy practice for business owners like you  – so if you’re in the market for a new accountant – please do drop me a line!

Murray Patt is the founder of accountants Alexander Knight & Co. You can email him: murray@alexanderknightaccountants.co.uk or call (0161) 980 8788.